I earned in two weeks what most people earned in an entire year. When I arrived, there IT was. I bought a Corvette hoping it would make me look rich. Wrinkled, receding gray hairline and dressed two seasons late. Something was missing and I knew it.

Sex with my teacher story

So, I continued to improve my website; I integrated new technologies and listened to customers. I turned around and went back home with a new reality. With my company back in my control, a new motivation surfaced; not only survive the dot-com crash, but to thrive. What was I doing wrong? This subset of the rich grew at a staggering rate, and the wave swelled my way. The glory of the hard work was this: Most required a predawn start … 3am, 4am … if any ungodly hour was involved, you could bet my job required it. There was problem though. Sensing the opportunity for escape, the young Lamborghini owner took the driver seat, closed his door, and started the engine. The four aspirins I pounded two hours earlier had no effect. Naturally, the Internet has no geographical limits so this venture traveled to Phoenix well. I improved my website, learned about graphics and copywriting. I was naked in a strange town with no money, job, or safety net. Every month was a different business: Hmmm … or maybe some rich kid who inherited the family fortune. My ego-crippling jobs included: How would you live? I decided that I would someday own a Lamborghini and I would do it while I was young. My idea was to find the Fastlane, retire rich and retire young. You see, when you generate this kind of income, you become a millionaire in 5 months, not 5 decades. It threw me off what little game I had and I tried to maintain my composure as if cars with spaceship doors were standard fare. I was face to face with my dream car: Yet, the money rolled in. Just settle for less. However, now it was different. Sometimes clarity washes over you like a peaceful breeze and other times it hits over the head like a falling Steinway piano.

Sex with my teacher story

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Sex with my teacher story

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    Most required a predawn start … 3am, 4am … if any ungodly hour was involved, you could bet my job required it.


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