This travesty, based on a decent novel, has Talia Shire Adrian from "Rocky" battling a giant embryonic monster for the world heavyweight championship. And, yeah, all of this is off the top of my head and not some B. It involves two hapless criminals who escape from custody and are set loose in the country where they are way out of place. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band on imdb. Watching him barf up blood after drinking it from a young woman isn't what a I call a movie moment. This movie, from what I can recall bewteen fits of laughter, is essentially about a scientist George C.

Sex in the movie thearter

The melting man is the only one who survived. Marguex Hemmingway as a fashion model who is raped and then gets her revenge by killing her rapist after he rapes her younger sister. I can still roller skate, but I doubt I could still watch this movie with a straight face. Is She moaning His name or giving Him a command???? OK, everyone likes George. A real Dog that has never seen the light of day on Video. Little plot, very dodgy dialog, but for sheer entertainment value, Jimmy Saville style presenters make this a very poor but I must say funny! Caught it on the re-release two years ago and the rest of the audiance and I shared laughter throughout. The dialogue was awful, the acting was very substandard and the whole concept was just ridiculous. All I remember is that it was about a man who became pregnant. It's Alive and sequels Mutant demonic infant kills everyone in an effort to return to its parent. It should be labeled as hazardous waste. Pay Off Time features a villain getting thrown off a roof. John Travolta as a young Man who becomes involved with Rich,older Woman Some modern-day Druids decendants of the originals, the narrator at the beginning of the film tells us in upstate New York need to revive their Queen, who either appears to be dead or unconcious, before the "Dark Lord" gets her. Or just plain bad. That was the only relevance of the title. This was a total maggot gagger. When the funniest scene,a parked car rolling backwards down a San Francisco hill, is repeated ad nauseum, that tells you that the rest of the schticks in this movie just aren't funny. Watching him barf up blood after drinking it from a young woman isn't what a I call a movie moment. Right, now have him croak his way through "Fixin' a Hole. The actors are calling each other by real names and the cutting was probably made by a mongoloid child or some suffering from blindness. It was filmed at a resort hotel at St. I think Scott should've killed his agent. It's cheesy but also kinda brilliant. Fire Sale I'm actually looking for a copy of this old movie. Threr was to much cleavege and not enough action.

Sex in the movie thearter

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Sex in the movie thearter

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    A taxi's horn got stuck just off the set and I got to hear Dinah Shore say a really naughty word!!


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