Mark ran his tongue up and down the crack of his mother's ass and slid right over her sensitive ticklish spot. Be careful how you handle that, Mom. Anyway, you've been fascinated with your mother's bum ever since. I should have never let you cuddle me in your arms when you kissed me goodnight. What did you expect me to do, after you got me all hot and excited?

In the shower mom sex

But she was on her knees, so that her rear end was sticking up in the air. Then when Dad went out of town on that business trip, you told me that was our chance to do it. Push you out of bed and make you go back to your own room? But you did lots of other things, you bad boy. He had a firm loving grip on her smooth satiny buns with his face thrust from time to time, into the groove between the round fleshy globes of her ass. He scrambled to his feet, followed her into the bathroom and into the shower stall. Maple Street, which was in one of the town's nicer residential areas, was in darkness, except for the lights that glowed in several upstairs windows. She really had no cause to complain that he took so much time soaping her tits, her cunt and the crack of her ass, because she then in turn, spent just as much time working a thick lather all over his cock and his balls. You'd think that doing naughty things with my son is something I'd be used to by now. Running your tongue up and down the crack like you do, you were bound to slide your tongue over it sooner or later. She couldn't help giggling when she was being tickled, and right now she was giggling uncontrollably. You're taking a shower with me. And when we fuck in the afternoon, we wouldn't have to worry about him coming home early and catching us doing it. But that hot looking piece of ass has a husband who's built like a Mack truck and if he ever finds out his sexy young wife is being screwed at the office every day by her boss, Dad is going to come home someday with his head shoved up his ass. And when you pulled on it like that, while my mouth was in the crack of your ass, it just felt so good. I never knew about this one before. But in spite of the warning, the inevitable happened. You said that was my special birthday present, from a loving mother to her son. I expected you to be a gentleman and behave yourself. What a shock it was, after, when I realized you wanted to fuck your mother. And I like it when you run your tongue up and down my crack. He would have been right, even if they didn't go right to sleep after they got into bed. You'd been thinking about that for a long time. As soon as his mother had her shower cap on, so she wouldn't get her hair wet and spend the rest of the night drying it, Mark turned on the water and adjusted it to a comfortable degree of warmth. It's fully charged,' Mark warned her. Mark shot off his load and a torrent of come spurted out beneath her. His mother let out a piercing shriek and pulled on his cock.

In the shower mom sex

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In the shower mom sex

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    Mark shot off his load and a torrent of come spurted out beneath her. He would have been right, even if they didn't go right to sleep after they got into bed.


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