Finally he gets down to snatches of records. Over the video soundtrack or the records, he shouts. People can't accept that you exist in the moment of now. An all-round good bloke or just a pain in the arse? You should go and see it.

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Pursey tells him it should be the Welsh flag. Sometimes he gets as far as jacking one into the machine and cuing it up before getting distracted. A few of us with no immediate tasks to perform settle down with him for a couple of hours' conversation. You rabbit on about all this, but you should be proud to be English! He expresses a preference for Playboy, Mayfair and the like. He has blood in his eye. Wound up to the max, a cracked orator, Pursey has been up for three nights and is bouncing off the walls. What a smashing time that was! Now Mensi and Jimmy Pursey go back a way. Being who they are, they turn the states that they're in into performances. Tell ya fuck off! An all-round good bloke or just a pain in the arse? I decline to commit myself, but mention that I used to take some interest in the folk scene a few years ago and that I have contacts there who could tell him far more about this subject than I ever could. If you're a robot you'll never contradict yourself! You might learn something. He's just warming up for another heavy-duty monologue when — crash! Mensi looks back at him. Pursey looks at him sadly. He tells me I am completely wrong. Where I write about web design, SEO or general musings. He don't beat up the softies no more. Pursey is wearing a yellow silk blousette pinned into position with a silver man-in-the-moon brooch. He mentions that Tony Visconti was interested in producing him until he'd told the great man that he would not make demos, that he would not prepare material in advance. The new Messiah or the little boy lost? Eventually, he decides to play me some records which will give me vital clues for understanding him. I hope you enjoy it.

Elizabeth jagger sex survalence tape

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Elizabeth jagger sex survalence tape

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